New Visitor?

We know that visiting a new church for the first time can be an awkward experience. We want to be as helpful as we can to make your experience a good one. The following is an FAQ on "What to Expect" when you visit.

What To Expect

What is your worship service like?  

The casual beauty of our sanctuary and church grounds relaxes the formal tone commonly associated with the fairly traditional liturgy that guides our worship services. On a typical Sunday you can expect an anthem from our choir (or an occasional small ensemble); old school traditional hymns alongside newer compositions; thoughtful challenging sermons; reminders to take our faith into the world through Christlike loving actions; and a diverse group of people seeking a sense of common purpose and connection with God. All of these elements blend in ways that help us grow in faith and move further into loving action the other six days of the week. 

What should I wear?

We invite you to come as you are whether you are visiting for the first time or for the 100th. Casual or more formal; you decide. We want you to feel at home.

How long will the services last?

Our services last about an hour. 

Will I have to say anything, sign anything, or be singled out in any way?

Please don’t be nervous about your first visit with us. You are our guest, and we want you to feel comfortable. While you will be greeted and welcomed, you won’t be put on the spot or publicly embarrassed. During the service, you'll notice a connection card form in your bulletin. You can fill it out if you'd like more information about the church or if you'd like to connect with the pastor or a ministry. If you'd rather remain anonymous, that's ok too.

Will I be expected to give money?

Absolutely not! However, during each service there is a time to worship God through the giving of tithes and offerings. This is an act of worship for our members and friends, allowing them to share in the church's ministry to the community and to the world. As a guest, please do not feel any pressure or obligation to give.

What about my kids? Is there child care available?

We have one service at 8:30 a.m. and a second at 10:00 a.m.The nursery is available for children at the 10:00 service. 

There is also Sunday School for children pre-K through 8th grade during the 10:00 a.m. service. And on the first Sunday of each month, the kids remain in the sanctuary with their families. Activities are provided for them to work on at their seat. The nursery is still available on these Sundays.

Are your facilities handicapped accessible?

Yes, the main level of the church facility including the foyer, restrooms, and sanctuary are wheelchair accessible via a ramp. Downstairs is accessed using a lift (like an elevator). 

How do I get there, and is parking available?

Yes, we have free parking on the premises! Please visit 'Connect & Contact' tab under 'Welcome' for directions! 

Are you affiliated with a particular denomination?

Browns Point United Methodist Church is a congregation of The United Methodist Church and is, along with 263 other congregations, a part of the Pacific Northwest Conference which connects churches throughout Washington and Northern Idaho. While we are a United Methodist church, people who attend come from a wide variety of faith backgrounds - Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian, nondenominational, etc. We are also a reconciling congregation which means that we openly welcome our brothers and sisters who are LGBTQIA.

What if I'm not even sure I believe in God?

We believe that the spiritual life is best thought of as a journey. Some of us are miles down the road and others have miles to go. Some imagine they are going the right way while others insist a new road will get 'there' faster. At Browns Point UMC, you'll find companions for the journey and possibly people heading down a similar path to yours. We believe that the big questions of life are best asked and wrestled with while one is walking along talking with others and discerning truth as they go.

Will I understand the message even if I don't know much about the Bible?

Our pastor works to speak to people where they are and to connect the teachings of the Bible with the challenges modern people face today. Her messages are accessible to those new to the faith and nuanced for those who have been around for a while. 

I still have more questions! 

Please feel free to call or email us. Phone 253-927-3188. 


We check for phone messages on a regular basis when we are not in the church. We'll be happy to answer any question you may have. Better yet, why not visit us this Sunday and see for yourself what a great place Browns Point UMC can be!