Our Beliefs

We belong to the United Methodist Church, founded in 1968, whose mission is to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The United Methodist Church shares basic affirmations in common with many Christian communities; what makes us unique is the Methodist part, derived from our founder John Wesley.

While we share common threads of history and beliefs with other Methodist churches, we celebrate the wide variety and diversity of theology as it get expressed uniquely in local communities.

Love Into Action

We believe that the best understanding of our beliefs is found in how we strive to live. What follows are the most important aspects of our theology that informs our common practice and life together.

  • The Grace of God

    The defining characteristic of God is an active love that reaches out to us before we are even aware of it. As Jesus took the initiative to invite people to follow him, so God takes the initiative in our lives.


    Baptism and Holy Communion are the two sacraments of the United Methodist Church. Sacraments are practices that connect us to the mystery of God's love and grace. Scroll down for more information.


    Methodism is sometimes called a "both/and" church: we talk about faith and works, body and spirit, peace and justice, personal holiness and social holiness. It is foundational to our underlying theological methodology: relying on scripture, tradition, experience, and reason.


    Jesus came proclaiming the Kingdom of God. What he meant was shown in his actions of inclusion, forgiveness, reorientation, healing, and feeding. As we participate in his kingdom, we likewise care for the whole person as we seek to address the social concerns of our times.


    Salvation is not simply a "ticket to heaven"; it is a progress of growth. Our goal is to become people who love God and our neighbor as ourselves. We follow the Holy Spirit as we learn to become conformed to Christ.


    Jesus' practice was radical hospitality. He welcomed women and men, saints and sinners, rich and poor, children and adults, immigrants and resident. We therefore believe that noone is outside the grace of God.


Baptism is our welcome into the family of Christ and celebrate the grace of God freely offered to us before we were even aware of it. Baptism may occur at any age and uses water as symbolic of God's love, necessary for all of life.

Holy Communion is the symbolic meal of bread (ours is gluten-free and hand baked) and drink (grape juice) shared by the family of Christ to nourish and sustain us as followers of Christ. Our practice is what is known as "open" communion, where people of all ages and church affiliations are welcome. It is done once a month as a celebration of our life together as the living body of Christ in and for our world.