Worship and Connection

Worship will be at 10am. We will meet outdoors (please plan on wearing your mask) in the patio area of the church.  Please bring your own folding chair; if you can't (or don't have one), we will provide one.

In order for you to stay comfortable outside, we have the following thoughts to share with you:

  • Be prepared to sit 6-feet apart from non-family members (yes, please move to the front and leave space at the back for latecomers)
  • Come wearing a hat or possibly a light jacket (it may get breezy)
  • make sure you have sunscreen on
  • bring a bottle of water, coffee or tea for yourself
  • come dressed for the weather
  • if it's too hot for you, please keep yourself safe and comfortable and stay home - you will be able to see worship later (we will send out an email when it gets loaded to Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  • there will be a place for your offering, should you desire to bring it with you
  • there will be a place for you to write prayer requests and leave them

Because everything old is new again, we will be taping the worship service, but there will be no live service available on Facebook until later.  Later Sunday (or possibly Monday) you should be able to go to Facebook and find the worship service. Or to YouTube if you prefer. Or our own BPUMC website.

For Facebook - there will be either a "video" or "watch". You will need to click on that in order to view the service.

Another way I recommend is subscribing to our church YouTube 
HERE.   You may watch at your convenience during the day.  If you have subscribed to the YouTube account, then you will get to our page by just following the link above.

You can also watch the full service on our church website
HERE.  The BPUMC website link should take you directly to 'Sermons' area and you would just need to follow the link from there.

Online Giving is now up and running! If you would like to make your gift to the church, you can now submit it here.