A Thrill of Hope: The Weary World Rejoices!

This year more than ever we are a weary people! We need hope and good news! That's why this year, our theme for celebrating Advent and Christmas is "A Thrill of Hope: the weary world rejoices!" This line is taken from the beloved Christmas Carol O Holy Night!  

Together we are going to explore The Anticipation of Hope, the Way of Hope, the Promise of Hope and finally on Christmas Eve the arrival of Hope as we celebrate the birth of Jesus and anticipate his return! How do you need to hear this message of hope that message this Advent and Christmas season? How do you need to spread that message to people around you? Come and hear once more the beloved scriptures of Advent and Christmas! We no longer have to be afraid because God sent God's only Son, Jesus to be with us. Let us rejoice! 

  • Sunday, November 29th The Anticipation of Hope

  • Sunday December 6 The Way of hope

  • Sunday December 13 and THursday December 17 Christmas Cantata Joy Has Dawned

  • Sunday December 21 The Promise of Hope